The reality about sore throat home remedy


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True result about the effectiveness of sore throat home remedy

Viruses cause a sore throat which involved symptom of pain in the area around the tonsils and pharynx. Sore throat is known as pharyngitis which involves the pharynx and tonsillitis that involved both sides of the tonsils. When involving both sides of the pharynx and tonsils, it is known as pharyngotonsillitis. Pharynx is the part of the throat that lies between the mouth and the larynx or voice box. It is often associated with the common cold or influenza. There are many modern medications that can be used for the sore throat. However, if you want to avoid the chemically produced drugs, there is always the sore throat home remedy that you can use as a solution.

Honey, salt, garlic and many more have always been used in the kitchen to help people with sore throat. For generations the sore throat home remedy has been used as the first line of defense to clear away the sore throat problem. Every mom in every society has their owned traditional cure to treat sore throat. Along the way the natural remedy has start to fade away in every society especially when many people start to rely on modern medication each time facing the problem of sore throat. Luckily, the internet has become the savior for the traditional method of treating sore throat without the use of toxic or chemically made drug. Using the search engine such as Google, you can find thousand of sore throat remedy that can be made easily in your kitchen.

Modern drug vs traditional medication

However, if you have been using the home remedy and find that the sore throat still continue to develop and becoming serious. You should take the matter to a doctor so that the sore throat will not develop into a serious condition. Maybe it is time to stop using sore throat home remedy because the problem of sore throat not only involves uncomplicated sore throat such as pharyngitis. The pharyngitis usually can be treated easily with home remedy, but serious and complicated sire throat such as tonsillitis or laryngitis may need to be attended by professional physician and the need to use modern medications. Therefore, if you have been using the home remedy to treat your sore throat problem for more than 3 days may be you should stop. A visit to the doctor would be the best solution to help you avoid any serious and dangerous conditions that can be caused by the sore throat ailment.

Some of sore throat home remedy that can be tried at home before seeing a doctor is to drink a lot of warm water or gargle with salt water. There are also people who take honey to cure the sore throat that they have been experiencing. However, if the sore throat persists, seek doctor assistance for immediate treatment. The doctor will examine whether antibiotics are needed for treatment or not and also supplement medication will be supplied. Likewise, a sore throat associated with fever and difficulty swallowing may require admission to hospital for intravenous antibiotics.

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