The drug to use in treatment for strep throat


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The treatment for strep throat using antibiotics

It is important to know the treatment for strep throat so that it will help you to avoid a prolong discomfort and painful experience. The problem of strep throat has been identified to be common among children, but it can also occur to adult. However, the ailment is rarely occurred to children below the age of three years old. The strep throat some time will have symptoms of fever, swollen on the sides of the neck and white patches appear on the area of the tonsil and throat. It is contagious and can cause inflammation to the throat and nearby area. The symptoms will start to after 3 days of contracting the bacteria infection.

The strep throat is different from the sore throat. The sore throat is commonly cause by virus and usually will be followed with sneezing and coughing. The sore throat some time is mistaken as flu by the general public. The problem of sore throat is mainly caused by virus compare to bacterial pathogens. The treatment for strep throat may need the use of antibiotic because of the bacterial pathogens. It is the only throat infection that needs the use of antibiotics.

One of the worrying symptoms that strep throat patient have to face is the rashes they have to endure. The rash occurred because of the toxin the bacteria released. The rash caused by the bacteria is known universally as scarlet fever. 10% of children will have the rash when infected with the strep throat problem. If is usually start on the dace and neck area which later can spread to other parts of the body. The skin surface will feel sough like sand paper. The rash usually start within 24 hours after the fever has started and it can go on up to several days. Therefore, a quick action to administer the treatment for strep throat will help to reduce the chances for the child from having the scarlet fever.

Penicillin the best choice

The treatment for strep throat is usually needed to use antibiotics medication. Adequate number of antibiotics will be needed to combat the bacterial pathogens that have caused the strep throat problem. Patient need to take the antibiotics as prescribed by the doctors so that the bacteria infection can be eliminated efficiently and quickly. Even if the symptoms of the strep throat has gone the patient will still need to take the antibiotics so that the bacteria infection will not return. Stopping the antibiotics premature will only cause the bacteria infection to emerge again and will cause the patient to endure another strep throat problem.

The streptococcus has been determined to response well to antibiotics such as penicillin and cephalosporin. Penicillin has been the number one choice because of it effectiveness and reliability. It is also the cheapest compare to other antibiotics. The treatment for strep throat can use oral penicillin V which is the preferred proffered choice. It should be taken 250mg and three times daily. It must be used for 10 days and should never be stopped even if you feel better after using it for 2 days. The complete 10 days course must be religiously followed for you to get the full benefits.