Modern medication or home remedy for severe sore throat


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Treating severe sore throat

The problem of severe sore throat can really be an irritating experience and at the same time causing a lot of pain. You will certainly feel pain when swallowing which is one of the symptoms. The throat infection seems to generate extreme pain during the morning hours, but will decrease as the day goes by. The inflammation of the throat region is the best place for viral or bacterial infections. The modern medication can help to eliminate the contagious bacteria caused sore throat by using antibiotic. For people that suffer from sore throat that is caused by virus, they only need a few days for the problem to heal by itself.

In reality mild or severe sore throat can be cured without the use of modern medication. It has been proven for centuries in all societies that food products and herbs can be used to get rid those nuisance dryness that you feel in the throat. For sore throat that has been caused by germ it can be eliminated with the use of honey. The sweet substance has been used for thousand of years in many societies since time in memorial. The Roman used honey to treat cut on their body so that it will not get infected by bacteria. The inflammation in your throat has been known to attract bacteria to breed. The infection will cause all sorts of problem to your throat and overall health. By consuming honey the scar wall of the throat will be heal and at the same time honey properties will kill the germ that has been growing in your throat.

From honey to salt

The used of honey is seen as the best alternative to stop bacteria from spreading in your throat. Researchers have found that honey compound kill every types of germ. It is also for this reason why honey found in Egyptian tomb is still edible even though have been in the tomb for thousand of years. So if you do not want to take antibiotic for your severe sore throat may be you should take honey as the alternative medication. You can also use tea with a few dash of honey to combat the sore throat. The use of antibiotic for long period of time has also been proof to cause other negative impact to human and the environment. Antibiotic can cause the rise of superbug which will certainly be bad for our health in the long run.

You can also help to prevent an ordinary sore throat from becoming a serious sore throat by taking a simple home remedy which even doctors recommended it. The simple home remedy is salt water. Once you detect that you are coming down with sore throat, quickly make yourself a glass of salt water. You just need to gargle the solution four times daily and the sore throat will certainly go away. Early action will help to prevent the ailment from becoming a severe sore throat.

Fact about sore throat causes


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Factors influencing sore throat causes

There are several sore throat causes that you need to know so that you will be able to face the condition more efficiently. To find the cause of sore throat, it should be examined carefully in the throat and lymph nodes in the neck. Furthermore, the throat swab tests to determine the presence or absence of bacteria. Laboratory tests need to be done if there is a suspicion diagnosis sore throat caused by streptococcus bacteria of clinical and epidemiological findings. Therefore, it would be wise if patients, not to ignore sore throat because it will cause severe complications if the correct action is not taken quickly.

There are several signs and symptoms of sore throat. Asymptomatic fever symptoms usually appear in 1 to 3 days after exposure to a cold virus. Signs and symptoms of flu include: postnasal drip, Itchy and sore throat, cough, feeling of tightness, body aches or a mild headache, frequent sneezing, watery eyes, fever and fatigue.

Symptoms in children or adults is usually accompanied with high fever, pain in the throat, pain when swallowing, headache, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Not all patients with severe syndrome as a whole and in many cases, the syndrome is mild and insignificant. Redness and fluid in the oral cavity and stipple on the palate, swelling redness of the uvula, swollen and hard on the anterior cervical nodes and a rash.

Food for treatment

Once sore throat causes have been determined, it should be treated immediately. One of the effective natural treatments for sore throat is to use honey which has the capability to eliminate bacteria. One of the sore throat causes has been known to be caused by bacteria and by eliminating this organism the sore throat will be able to heal in a short time. Many researches have shown that bacteria ‘streptococcus pygones’ the bacteria that causes sore throat cannot grow in honey and die. Therefore by taking some honey it will help to soothe the throat and heal it in a short time.

Honey as an anti-fungal, many microbiologists have made studies with sample of fungal and found the fungus cannot reproduce and die at the varying times. We also manually will NOT be able to see the fungus ‘stick’ on the exposed honey. There are several doctors from Russia have been using honey to be applied to fungal infections in the skin and nails where found to get rid of the fungus infection. The same situation should happen to the bacteria infection that has occurred in the throat.

Sore throat is annoying, because it makes swallowing and speaking activities to be disrupted. Many sore throat causes are determined to be caused by bacterial infection. However, apart from medication now you can also consume foods that will help to relieve sore throat. One of the best examples is the chicken soup which is a good anti-inflammatory to relieve sore throat. You can cook chicken soup that is full of nutrition by using healthy ingredients such as carrots, onions, turnips, celery, potatoes, and garlic.

What is strep throat?


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The fact about the strep throat

Many people believed that sore throat and strep throat to be the same ailment, but in reality both ailments have clinical differences. It is important for everyone to understand and recognize the differences so that appropriate steps can be taken when facing with any one of the condition. The strep throat is one of the possible throat infections and it is common among children, but can also affect adults. The strep throat occurs when the patient is infected with bacteria. It will cause various symptoms and the throat will experience inflammation. In a few days after bacteria infection the symptoms will start to appear.

The strep throat will have symptom such as fever. It is common for the patient to have fever when having the ailment. The virus is the caused for the fever which will increase the patient temperature to over 38.5 C and usually will go on for more than 3 days. The throat wills also have signs of red stains on the back wall of the throat and tonsils. It has to be noted, that some viruses also showed similar symptoms.

In some cases patient may also have the lymph node swollen. Most patients will feel pain when swallowing or when the glands in the neck are pressed or when coughing. However, coughing is usually not part the ailment symptom. Cold is also not generally symptoms of the ailment. There are also reported cases of headache, abdominal pain, and vomiting for many strep throat patients.

Detecting the ailment

There are certain spots that sometimes occur when patient has been infected with the strep throat. The spot look similar to acne and in the form of red bumps on the body such as chest, abdomen, and buttocks. When touched the spots feels rough and looks like sunburn. These spots, along with strep throat are called Scarlet Fever. Do not let the special name make you think it as serious as you imagined. This is just a reaction of the body against toxins caused by the strep bacteria.

When suspected of having strep throat the doctor will examine the oral and throat area for any sign of inflammation and bacterial infection. The doctor will also perform test by swabbing the throat to determine germ infection. This test can be performed directly in the doctor’s office, and it only takes 5 minutes. Or the doctor will send the sample to the laboratory using a patient’s throat swab. The result will be received in 24 to 48 hours.

The tendency to use a throat swab as confirmation whether there is the presence of bacteria infection has become increasingly important in the medical world. This is to prevent the unnecessary use of antibiotics and prevent antibiotic resistance. The more often antibiotics is used, the more resistant microbial pathogens aka superbugs will be created. It is important to take necessary steps to prevent strep throat infection from transmitted from one person to another. Therefore, early medical assistance from physicians will help to control the strep throat disease.

Recognizing the symptoms of sore throat


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Determining the symptoms of sore throat level

Recognizing symptoms of sore throat is very important for you to take the right step to avoid a prolong discomfort and pain that you may be experiencing from the ailment. The ailment will cause you to experience sore, dry throat and difficulty when swallowing. The sore throat occurs when the throat infection is caused by a virus or bacteria. The inflammation of the throat may also cause chronic condition. People with nasal allergy or sinus may also experience sore throat more frequently compare to others. There are also people who get the ailment from the surrounding are such as dust and cigarette smoke and other environmental pollutions.

There has been many question whether antibiotic would be the best choice medication for people with sore throat problem. However, doctor usually will only prescribed the antibiotics to people suffering from infections caused by bacteria and only after been confirmed by thorough medical examination. Recognizing the symptoms will definitely will help to make the examination of the ailment more easily and quick. The treatment and drug used will also be determined from the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. It is important to identify the actual cause of the sore throat and this will help to control the problem from occurring again in the future.

Patient with nasal allergies or sinus problems can also experience inflammation of the throat or nose irritation caused by fluid flowing into the back of the throat. Both condition will definitely cause the dryness of the throat wall and become the best breeding ground for bacteria. The symptoms of sore throat will only show up after three days that is the incubation period for the bacteria. Therefore, it is important for you to take a quick action to visit the doctor before the condition becoming worst.

Mild or severe conditions

Irritation of the throat can also happen to people that have acid reflux condition. The repeated irritation can also causes a condition called chronic pharyngitis. After identifying the symptoms of sore throat, it is also important to know the best prevention steps that can be used to help prevent recurrence of sore throat. The best action is to practice healthy personal hygiene. It is recommended for you to wash your hands, avoid touching your mouth and nose, and avoid sharing equipment such as cups and spoons with people who are suffering from sore throat. You should always have a healthy lifestyle. You should stop smoking or stop from becoming a passive smoker, rest and adequate sleep, proper diet and drink plenty of water. If you have nasal allergy or sinus take adequate measure to treat the problem so that sore throat problem will not be an add-on problem. Oral hygiene will always be a priority that the mandatory brushing and gargle at least twice daily (if possible used salt water).

Symptoms of sore throat that is considered as mild can heal on its own without treatment. However, prolonged sore throat requires further examination, particularly if accompanied by high fever or difficulty to open the mouth or swallowing and swelling in the neck will definitely will need the doctor.

Taking notice of the sore throat symptoms


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Eliminating the sore throat symptoms

The mild sore throat symptoms can definitely go away in a short time especially if you have been using the home remedy to sure the condition. However, in severe condition sore throat is will definitely need a doctor help. Prolonged sore throat will have symptoms such as high fever, swallowing difficulties, swelling in the neck, loss of voice, breathing problem, discomfort and painful experience. All these symptoms need to be taken care by a professional help and delaying such help will only cause a prolong misery for you. It is important for you to recognize the symptoms mention earlier because knowing the symptoms will help you to decide the best action to be taken when facing with the ailment.

Most people experience sore throat after their throats have been infected by virus or bacteria. Chronic condition can also happen if the throat wall has experience severe inflammation which is painful. If you have nasal allergy problem or even sinus, you may have the possibility to contract sore throat problem. It is best to avoid places that may cause you to inhale dust, tobacco smoke or other airborne pollutions. These conditions can be a caused for you to deal with sore throat.

It is also important for you to know the sore throat symptoms because it will determine what kind of medication you should be taken. Many people thought it will be correct to take antibiotic when suffering from sore throat. The antibiotics should only be used by patient who has been suffering sore throat that is caused by bacteria infection. Even doctor will only prescribed the antibiotics after receiving the medical examination report. It is a known fact that doctor will always avoid from administering antibiotics if there is other option that can be used. This is to avoid from creating superbug.

Eliminating the bacteria

The cause of the sore throat problem can also derive from other ailment such as nasal allergy. The allergic reaction may cause the wall of the throat to experience inflammation. The dryness and inflammation will help to breed bacteria which are one of the most effective ways to give rise to sore throat. The bacteria infection will take at least three days to incubate before starting to show sore throat symptoms. If you are able to spot the symptoms then bringing yourself to the doctor office quickly will help to eliminate the problem before it becoming worse. The doctor usually will examine thoroughly before deciding which treatment is the best for your condition.

If you have been having mild sore throat, it is best for you to make your owned home remedy which will help to eliminate the sore throat problem fast. However, if you notice that the sore throat symptoms persist then taking the matter to the doctor attention would be the ideal move. You can also prevent the problem from re-merging in the future. The best way to do it is to practice good personal hygiene such as washing your hands and avoid from contamination. You should also avoid from coming in contact with people who are having sore throat.

The reality about sore throat home remedy


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True result about the effectiveness of sore throat home remedy

Viruses cause a sore throat which involved symptom of pain in the area around the tonsils and pharynx. Sore throat is known as pharyngitis which involves the pharynx and tonsillitis that involved both sides of the tonsils. When involving both sides of the pharynx and tonsils, it is known as pharyngotonsillitis. Pharynx is the part of the throat that lies between the mouth and the larynx or voice box. It is often associated with the common cold or influenza. There are many modern medications that can be used for the sore throat. However, if you want to avoid the chemically produced drugs, there is always the sore throat home remedy that you can use as a solution.

Honey, salt, garlic and many more have always been used in the kitchen to help people with sore throat. For generations the sore throat home remedy has been used as the first line of defense to clear away the sore throat problem. Every mom in every society has their owned traditional cure to treat sore throat. Along the way the natural remedy has start to fade away in every society especially when many people start to rely on modern medication each time facing the problem of sore throat. Luckily, the internet has become the savior for the traditional method of treating sore throat without the use of toxic or chemically made drug. Using the search engine such as Google, you can find thousand of sore throat remedy that can be made easily in your kitchen.

Modern drug vs traditional medication

However, if you have been using the home remedy and find that the sore throat still continue to develop and becoming serious. You should take the matter to a doctor so that the sore throat will not develop into a serious condition. Maybe it is time to stop using sore throat home remedy because the problem of sore throat not only involves uncomplicated sore throat such as pharyngitis. The pharyngitis usually can be treated easily with home remedy, but serious and complicated sire throat such as tonsillitis or laryngitis may need to be attended by professional physician and the need to use modern medications. Therefore, if you have been using the home remedy to treat your sore throat problem for more than 3 days may be you should stop. A visit to the doctor would be the best solution to help you avoid any serious and dangerous conditions that can be caused by the sore throat ailment.

Some of sore throat home remedy that can be tried at home before seeing a doctor is to drink a lot of warm water or gargle with salt water. There are also people who take honey to cure the sore throat that they have been experiencing. However, if the sore throat persists, seek doctor assistance for immediate treatment. The doctor will examine whether antibiotics are needed for treatment or not and also supplement medication will be supplied. Likewise, a sore throat associated with fever and difficulty swallowing may require admission to hospital for intravenous antibiotics.

What are the causes of sore throat?


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Discovering the causes of sore throat

There are two types of infections causes of sore throat that are viral and bacterial. Approximately 80% of sore throats are caused by viruses and only about 10-20% is caused by bacteria. In order to overcome this, it is important to know whether the sore throat is caused by viruses or bacteria streptococcus. Viral infections are usually the cause of the common cold (runny nose) and influenza which later resulted in a sore throat. Common cold usually resolves itself around 1 week after your body forms antibodies against the virus.

Treatment with antibiotics is not effective for treating viral infections. Conversely, administration of antibiotics can lead to resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. When the germ has been resistant to these antibiotics, the antibiotics we use will no longer be effective in killing germs. As a result, the illness will not be cured. Infections caused by influenza virus are contagious and is easily spread. In this condition, inflammation lasts about three to ten days. Generally, inflammation is more severe in the morning and gets better as the day progresses.

Usually sore throat is accompanied by a sense of weakness, decreased appetite, fever, and cough. Sore throat is also found in other viral infections such as fever and measles. The body needs a week to build up antibodies to destroy the viruses. Infectious mononucleosisis one of the causes of sore throat, or generally caused by a virus called Epstein Barr Mono, and takes longer to heal. Virus affects the lymphatic system, causing enlargement of the tonsils and white patches appear on the surface. In addition, there is also swelling of the veins in the neck. Such infections usually cause severe sore throat, thus making the patient breathing difficulties. This virus also causes exhaustion that can last more than six weeks.

Danger of virus to the human health

Sometimes the virus also attacks the liver and causes jaundice. Although nicknamed Mono Kissing Disease, it can be transmitted through saliva. Transmission can also occur from the mouth to the hands, then from hand to mouth or from the use of towels or cutlery. For bacteria, the most common and most serious complications in this group A streptococcus betahemolitis. This bacteria is also another causes of sore throat and diseases associated with damage to the valves in the heart or rheumatic fever and kidneys or nephritis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, and ear infections. Another cause of sore throat is laryngo-pharyngeal reflux.

Patients usually experience pain in the throat in the morning when stomach acid rises up and get in the back of the throat. The throat feels a lump and taste sour. Patients often remove phlegm to clear the throat. There are other causes of sore throat that is the habit of breathing through the mouth, allergies, trapping foreign objects such as a fish bone in the throat, air pollution, alcohol, or cigarettes. Dry condition during summer or even in the winter and breathe through the mouth due to chronic nasal obstruction also causes dry and sore throat.

How to treat a sore throat


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Modern medical or home remedy for a sore throat

Bacteria or viruses can cause sore throat to occur. Most of the sore throat problem does not need medical help because it will usually go away after a few days. However, in some instances the problem may persist for quite some times and because of this you will need to take action to treat the problem. Generally sore throat is caused by the inflammation of the pharynx which is followed by pain, discomfort and itchiness in the throat and the nearby area. Sore throat can be contagious and for that you will need to cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. There are modern and the ancient ways to get rid the sore throat. In the cases of severe or recurring sore throat the doctor assistance will be needed to ensure the problem will go away for good.

The most common symptoms of sore throat are the aching that you feel at the back of the throat. It is also a known fact that sore throat is an early sign that the human body is combating common cold. Some people treat their sore throat by having a cup of hot tea which is usually use honey as the sweetener. The properties in the honey are believed to be the main ingredient to ward off the sore throat. The use of honey has always been the popular choice in every society around the world. It is also has been medically proven that honey has the ability to combat elements that has caused the sore throat. In some societies honey is used with lime juice added and one tablespoon to stop sore throat. It is usually taken twice or three times daily until the ailment has gone.

Keep clean for healthier body

However, if you notice the sore throat still persist more than 2 or 3 days and has headache, fever, rash, swelling, nausea or other pains then the right course of action is to go to the doctor. Some people also use water with salt to gargle several times daily. There are also people who use thyme tea plus antiseptic to gargle. The antiseptic can also be replaced with lemon juice to help reduce the pain and discomfort that you are facing. The method will certainly cause a sting, but it has been proven to work well for most people. However, if you want to have a pleasant taste then using the honey would be great too.

The most basic way to treat a sore throat is to consume a lot of fluids especially plain water. It will help to chase away the sore throat problem. If you have successfully get rid the problem then you should take measures to avoid the sore throat from recurring. One of the ways is to stop using the toothbrush that you have been using earlier. This is to avoid the germ that may have transmitted earlier on to the toothbrush from getting back into your mouth. You should also practice good personal hygiene so that the sore throat problem will be kept away for good.