What is strep throat?


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The fact about the strep throat

Many people believed that sore throat and strep throat to be the same ailment, but in reality both ailments have clinical differences. It is important for everyone to understand and recognize the differences so that appropriate steps can be taken when facing with any one of the condition. The strep throat is one of the possible throat infections and it is common among children, but can also affect adults. The strep throat occurs when the patient is infected with bacteria. It will cause various symptoms and the throat will experience inflammation. In a few days after bacteria infection the symptoms will start to appear.

The strep throat will have symptom such as fever. It is common for the patient to have fever when having the ailment. The virus is the caused for the fever which will increase the patient temperature to over 38.5 C and usually will go on for more than 3 days. The throat wills also have signs of red stains on the back wall of the throat and tonsils. It has to be noted, that some viruses also showed similar symptoms.

In some cases patient may also have the lymph node swollen. Most patients will feel pain when swallowing or when the glands in the neck are pressed or when coughing. However, coughing is usually not part the ailment symptom. Cold is also not generally symptoms of the ailment. There are also reported cases of headache, abdominal pain, and vomiting for many strep throat patients.

Detecting the ailment

There are certain spots that sometimes occur when patient has been infected with the strep throat. The spot look similar to acne and in the form of red bumps on the body such as chest, abdomen, and buttocks. When touched the spots feels rough and looks like sunburn. These spots, along with strep throat are called Scarlet Fever. Do not let the special name make you think it as serious as you imagined. This is just a reaction of the body against toxins caused by the strep bacteria.

When suspected of having strep throat the doctor will examine the oral and throat area for any sign of inflammation and bacterial infection. The doctor will also perform test by swabbing the throat to determine germ infection. This test can be performed directly in the doctor’s office, and it only takes 5 minutes. Or the doctor will send the sample to the laboratory using a patient’s throat swab. The result will be received in 24 to 48 hours.

The tendency to use a throat swab as confirmation whether there is the presence of bacteria infection has become increasingly important in the medical world. This is to prevent the unnecessary use of antibiotics and prevent antibiotic resistance. The more often antibiotics is used, the more resistant microbial pathogens aka superbugs will be created. It is important to take necessary steps to prevent strep throat infection from transmitted from one person to another. Therefore, early medical assistance from physicians will help to control the strep throat disease.