Modern medication or home remedy for severe sore throat


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Treating severe sore throat

The problem of severe sore throat can really be an irritating experience and at the same time causing a lot of pain. You will certainly feel pain when swallowing which is one of the symptoms. The throat infection seems to generate extreme pain during the morning hours, but will decrease as the day goes by. The inflammation of the throat region is the best place for viral or bacterial infections. The modern medication can help to eliminate the contagious bacteria caused sore throat by using antibiotic. For people that suffer from sore throat that is caused by virus, they only need a few days for the problem to heal by itself.

In reality mild or severe sore throat can be cured without the use of modern medication. It has been proven for centuries in all societies that food products and herbs can be used to get rid those nuisance dryness that you feel in the throat. For sore throat that has been caused by germ it can be eliminated with the use of honey. The sweet substance has been used for thousand of years in many societies since time in memorial. The Roman used honey to treat cut on their body so that it will not get infected by bacteria. The inflammation in your throat has been known to attract bacteria to breed. The infection will cause all sorts of problem to your throat and overall health. By consuming honey the scar wall of the throat will be heal and at the same time honey properties will kill the germ that has been growing in your throat.

From honey to salt

The used of honey is seen as the best alternative to stop bacteria from spreading in your throat. Researchers have found that honey compound kill every types of germ. It is also for this reason why honey found in Egyptian tomb is still edible even though have been in the tomb for thousand of years. So if you do not want to take antibiotic for your severe sore throat may be you should take honey as the alternative medication. You can also use tea with a few dash of honey to combat the sore throat. The use of antibiotic for long period of time has also been proof to cause other negative impact to human and the environment. Antibiotic can cause the rise of superbug which will certainly be bad for our health in the long run.

You can also help to prevent an ordinary sore throat from becoming a serious sore throat by taking a simple home remedy which even doctors recommended it. The simple home remedy is salt water. Once you detect that you are coming down with sore throat, quickly make yourself a glass of salt water. You just need to gargle the solution four times daily and the sore throat will certainly go away. Early action will help to prevent the ailment from becoming a severe sore throat.