The effective natural remedies for sore throat


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Several easy natural remedies for sore throat

The natural remedies for sore throat have been handed down from one generation to another generation. Do not be surprised if someday in the future, you give your grandchildren a teaspoon of honey to treat sore throat which will be a memorable experience for a kid. Such remedy has become commonplace in at home which no one questioned its effectiveness. Somehow during our younger years, without the help of modern medicine the sore throat can be cured! It may also be due to the love and caring that our mother or grandmother which help the natural remedy to work. Here is some information on natural remedies that some of us may have encounter during our childhood years long ago.

With extreme summer throughout the country, more and more people try to find ways to keep cool and avoid intense heat. Drinking lots of water, as advised by the doctor has become a habit and many people will recognize the effectiveness of this remedy as a way to deal with the burning sensation and cools the body. Common injury occurs when your body does not receive enough water such as the sore throat. Not all of us can go to the nearest clinic or pharmacy each time having a sore throat.

When you see a friend who is suffering from a sore throat, surely many of us will recommend, “Drink some honey! “,” Gargle with salt water.” These natural remedies for sore throat can be prepared at home, which help you to remove sore throat that you are facing and it even worse when you are trying to sing Justin Bieber number one hit. Another remedy to heal a sore throat which is not commonly used is the formulation of four cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. These formulations can also help to reduce the common cold or flu.

Treatment without the use of toxic substance

Currently in weather conditions, many people suffer from sore throat. The natural remedies for sore throat that can be used are to use tamarind. Take a few pieces of tamarind, toast it. After that, mashed and mixed with a little water betel. Then rub on a sore throat. After few moments the sore throat will go away. If you experience a sore throat, it will be difficult to swallow, especially food, to treat it, get a cup of water from the boiling rice. The boiling rice water need to be cool first before drinking it, do it this way several times until the burning pain and sore throat cure.

Other natural remedies for sore throat that you can use are salt. The salt have many uses because it is not only the most important ingredient used in cooking but can get rid of a sore throat that is usually caused by hot weather. You can gargles with salt water twice a day; the throat will definitely feel relieved. To do so, you only need three tablespoons of salt and mixed with half a glass of cold water and rinse every day until the sore throat disappeared.