Honey the best home remedy for sore throat

The sweeter home remedy for sore throat

Honey has amazing benefits for the human body, the content of high nutritional components and antibacterial properties that it has help the honey from having any expiry date. It is also one of the home remedy for sore throat. The amazing fact is not just a myth when a group of archaeologists who make exploration in the Egyptian tomb discovered 2,000-year-old glass jars containing honey and it still in good condition and can be eaten. It is a natural sweetener derived from bee activity and almost one million tons of honey is produced annually worldwide. It is believed the process of bees for honey production has been around 20 million years ago, based on some ancient records. Among them, the Egyptians make the food as a sacrifice in their religious ceremonies while the Romans would put honey on their wounds. Asian societies have long been using honey as home remedy for sore throat.

Many people surprised to find that bacteria cannot grow in honey because of unique chemical composition such as low water content and high acidity that causes honey has a pH reading of 3.2 to 4.5, thus providing a negative environment for the growth of any type of micro-organisms. As a matter of natural treatments, honey has been the choice to help increase energy because it is a natural source of carbohydrates that can provide strength and reduce muscle weakness. Honey is also able to build a good immune system as well as antioxidant and antibacterial properties available which help to promote a healthy digestive system. This will help a person to stay healthy and strong to combat infectious diseases.

Natural treatment for the human body

Over the centuries, honey was used as a natural medicine that can treat a variety of health problems including fungal infections, foot problems and joint pain due to it has antiseptic properties that inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and help keep the wound clean and free from infection. It is also has been proven as the number one home remedy for sore throat. Sore throat and cough can benefit from the honey as it possess antimicrobial properties, soothe irritation and kill the bacteria that cause infections of the throat. The Roman had proven that the properties of honey can be anti-inflammatory. It is the same for sore throat which is caused by the inflammation in the throat area. The honey consumed by the affected patient will certainly act as anti-inflammation in the throat area which will help to cure the ailment effectively.

The selection of high quality honey is important to get the full benefits when using honey as sore throat remedy. One of the vital factors to get quality honey is the low water content. This is because if the water content of honey is more than 19 percent, fermentation can occurs which excess water causes the formation of yeast osmotic force, thereby causing loss of freshness. The high-quality honey usually has water content as low as 14 percent. Among the easy ways to measure the water content in honey is by reversing the honey jar and observes the moving bubbles. Bubbles will move faster in honey that has high water content. Therefore, ensure that high quality honey is available in your home before using honey as home remedy for sore throat.